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Phone: +971-55-542-5267

Address: International City, Persia Cluster M02, Office 109 Dubai, UAE.  P.O. Box 251741

Human Resources: Our values describe how our employees behave, They are the basis of our business relationship. We continuously deliver new value to our customers, with employee who relentlessly pursue their dreams, work enthusiastically and consistently achieve self-determined goals.

Job Description: A high performance culture supported by rewards and development is key to delivery of individual and business objectives, this is driven by the alignment of clear and challenging responsibilities and priorities and ensuring that employees are aware of how their work impacts LEONDEORO. There is a written job descriptions become the basis for the assessment of an employees work performance hence clarifying the responsibilities among the workers.

Our Team: We have skilled professional who are trained and had undergone a vigorous training system to ensure they comply with all the required health, safety and cleaning parameters.

Work Instructions: Third party documents and quality plans that define how the servicing activities are performed and inspected, The equality plans identify the responsibilities for inspection and approval of activities as well as the records used as an evidence of inspection.

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